The Art of Writing

Writing isn’t only for professionals. I believe that everyone is creative and has a story to tell.  In my classes we again put pen to paper and discover writing as a way to experience and empower our lives and leave a written legacy for those who come after us.  My students are encouraged to examine the writing process in all its forms: journaling, letter writing, poetry, memoir, and, fiction, as we explore how personal writing is the basis for all of them. 

The Lost Art of Personal Writing
(Workshops / Retreats)

My workshops are designed to allow people to slow down -- no keyboards, no email, just pen and paper, and time.  Between class sessions participants can take advantage of one-on-one consultation or write, relax, and reflect.

May 30, 2020 - A Day of Writing at Seagull Bay, Bayfield, Wisconsin
August 15-16, 2020 - The Lost Art of Personal Writing, The Art Colony, Grand Marais, Minnesota

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“Peter’s gentle leadership and positive encouragement gave
each of us a newfound voice with which to continue writing.”

Exploring the Lost Art of Personal Writing
(Ongoing Classes)

Personal Writing, the Perfect Place to Start
(Ongoing Classes)

My classes focus on writing as an accessible and important art form.  My goal is to motivate the writer in each of my students and help them find their own writing voice and style as they discover the artist within.

“The first night I attended class I was nervous.  I was sure that I was soon to be discovered as a non-writer.  With butterflies in my stomach, I began to write and read along with the others.  By the last class, I felt quite sure that I was a writer, that all of us were writers.  The spark within me had been fanned.  My voice had found an outlet. My heart dared to hope that I had something unique to say.”

Since class schedules and locations vary, please contact Peter for more detailed information.

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